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BET Awards

Limited commercials, relevant performances, and much deserved tributes. This year's BET awards was the best in years. Time to recap:

  1. Alicia Keys- That girl is SO pregnant!! She deserved her awards, and she looked very pretty. But which stylist said that pink mini dress was ok? And who said it was cute for a pregnant lady to climb on a piano? Prince's face was classic!...And Swizz Beatz son looks JUST like him. Alicia better pray their child looks like her.
  2. Prince- It definitely was his time to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award. He's payed his dues to the music world. Janelle Monet was a little random with her performance, but Prince chose all the girls so I guess it's cool. That second girl (Esperanza Spalding) was great! No one knows who she is, but she sure can SANG. Alicia and Miss Patti LaBelle (I love her) were amazing. We've already discussed Alicia, but they both did his songs much justice. They were excellent. And watching Prince make crazy faces was worth the whole 10 minutes. By the way, did anyone else notice that onPrince's shirt was an image of him in what he had on that night? That was a little too well thought out.
  3. Diddy...and those two chicks- the Dirty Money performance was awesome!!! They kept the show alive. With that said, almost everyone I was watching the show with had to ask "which one is Dawn?" or "why does Diddy always have those girls with him?". Now I know who they are, but apparently Diddy is an overall failure when it comes to artist promotions. Not only does he screw up other people's careers (meaning they are never heard of after their first album), but he can't even promote himself. On the after show they asked him when Last Train to Paris is coming out, and I had a revelation! "Last Train to Paris isn't out yet??? That's why I couldn't find it in btjunkie" HA! How are you the president of a label, but you can't get your own album released? Sad.
Last but not least is CHRIS BROWN. That dude officially has his career back. We know he was the only one who could really do Michael any justice. I know you all remember the MTV performance when he did Michael. He was awesome then and he is awesome now. Despite his amazing dance moves, we still didn't want to like him until he started to cry. I've heard the rumors about the cry being staged, but no one can fake that cry. That was the my momma died, my girl pregnant, and I'm living on the streets cry. That boy had spit coming out of his mouth. That can not be staged. I would just like to know why he was crying so hard. Was it because:
  • the man he loved, respected, emulated, and built his career around is dead
  • he felt so honored to be allowed to pay tribute to the King of Pop, even after all his mistakes
  • he was singing "Man in the Mirror" and he realized that that song has so much meaning for him now
Whatever the cause of his breakdown, it worked. He has definitely gained back some respect. The icing on the cake was his apology after he won the Fandemonium award. We can't help but accept him back. Chris Brown- Redemption will be in stores Spring 2011.

P.S. How the heck did Chris win that award? I am a die hard Trey Songz fan, and I just knew he had that award in the bag. So when chris won I was baffled! I guess those Chris fans are more serious than I thought. I guess they all come from broken homes; got 911 on speed dial...


Basketball. . . Wives??????

I am a self-proclaimed reality TV junkie. I will watch almost any reality show that comes on TV. MTV, Vh1, A&E, Animal Planet, Fox, Bravo, etc. Just because I watch them, however, does not mean I agree with all of the concepts.

One that I have a problem with is Basketball Wives. The cast consists of two wives (that won't be wives much longer), two ex-fiancĂ©es, a current fiancĂ©/ baby mama, and a dancer/ baby mama, Not only are they barely wives, but most of them were involved with players I've never heard of!  

Shaunie, wife of Shaquille O'Neil, was the driving force behind anyone wanting to watch the show. But once the show starts, what do we find out???? That he's placed a gag order on her, and she ends up being the narrator instead of the main character.

The Royce situation was definitely only for TV. What "wife" hangs out  with a basketball dancer?? Especially one who danced for their husband's team (have we forgotten that Shaq has played for Orlando AND Miami). That's like becoming best friends with your significant other's favorite porn star. Right? If you ask me, Shaunie should have asked Royce a few more questions about her love life. She does have Dwight Howard's baby. She's living proof that players sleep with dancers (not that we didn't know that already).

Some things I did find extremely funny were when all the girls tried to say that Royce won the fight at the self defense class. Whatever your opinion is towards Gloria, you must admit Royce got 'knocked the **** out'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, 'plastic surgery' Sandra had made a great point when she said "You think I'm the only girl your husband talks to?". Jennifer had no reason to go up to Sandra and embarrass herself. She has admitted several times that her and her husband have had problems with infidelity. So what makes her think he goes around Miami announcing who his wife is? Jennifer should have kept her mouth shut. Her husband is an EX player, and he looks like an alien dinosaur. I'm pretty sure he jumps on whatever he can get, especially in Miami.

That is all..................................................until next season.

P.S. Those girls know they were hating on Gloria; and Sandra knows she's had some work done on that face. Her skin is tighter than wet jeans on a big booty!


One thing i really hate is when people feed their own stereotypes.
  • Mexicans with 6+ people in a four seater car
  • Asains that can't quite navigate the parking lot
  • Jews that will haggle you at a clearance sale
The following is an example of an African-american stereotype:

My friend and I are at Subway completing our order for lunch. The woman behind us (black woman) is being really difficult about her order. She's making requests like "let me have onions...not too many. And some olives, but only two or three". When she's done picking her toppings she proceeds to read ALL of the sauce/dressing options. "Ranch, honey mustard, sweet onion teryaki...whats that?" Then the lady gets to the chipotle sauce. "Chip-oh-tee", she says "that sounds good. Let me get the CHIP-OH-TEE sauce". My friend is at this point bursting on the inside with laughter, and I am using all my strength not to explode in the woman's face. 

Needless to say, this occasion still gives us a good laugh. However I'd like to use this story as a PSA that not all black people are illiterate and/or culturally ignorant. This is also to warn you that you may become like this lady if you don't go to school, or if you never leave the state of Georgia. 

That is all....................................................................... for now.